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Diablo2 Lord of Destruction Cd Key

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Product Description

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction is an expansion to the best selling game of the year, Diablo II. This expansion comes with two new character classes, the Assassin and Druid, enhanced graphics with support for 800x600 resolution, tons of new enemies, over 1000 new items to collect, an enhanced stash that allows you to store double the capacity of Diablo II and an all new act, Act V, set in the Barbarian Highlands.

Product Features

  • In this chapter, we find that Baal, one of Diablo's underlings, escaped your wrath originally, and is now terrorizing the world of Sanctuary
  • Travel thorugh the sinister and foreboding wilderness of Sanctuary, rendered beautifully.
  • Meet with other characters and get them to join you on your quest -- no bribes are needed now, as you have a common cause - the end of Baal's tyranny
  • WIth your new allies you'll battle against 15 powerful new enemeies -- Imps, Blood lords, Frozen horrors, and more
  • Add to your abilities with 30 new skills


Diablo2 Lord of Destruction Cd Key, Now the price has been lowered to USD 16.99!


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